2015 News 

A donation of $10 enters you in a raffle to win Michael Spears autographed t-shirt from his Virgil Oritz fashion campaign. All proceeds go to One Spirit Food and Wood Projects. Click the link above for more information. .

SBF has a Tumblr Page!  Follow us here

Happy New Year! 

We hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season. We spent our with our families. We look forward to what's coming up for this new year and wish you a happy new year!


2014 NEWS

Fall News

Michael will be returning to AII  this Fall. 

Eddie has been cast in the film Bone Tomahawk  with Kurt Russell and others. 

Eddie will be appearing in an upcoming episode 

(I've been told this October) of Fox's series Sleepy Hollow 

Michael and Eddie have spent the past months with family and attending Powwows with the drum group Bear Canyon.


Eddie to guest role in a popular network series.


April Happenings 

Western Heritage Awards 

 Eddie presented Outstanding Theatrical Motion Picture—The Cherokee Word for Water and Outstanding Docudrama—Gold Fever 

Watch Live as Eddie will be presenting actor Christopher Heyerdahl and others including  showrunner John Wirth with a Western Heritage Award on April 12 for 2014 Film/Television - Fictional Television Drama Hell On Wheels--"One Less Mule" held at National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum

February Happenings

Michael Spears is in 2 films:

Both films are on Video On Demand 

Angels in Stardust is due on DVD in March

Angels In Stardust

January Happenings 

We look forward to seeing what 2014 brings to the world....

2013 News 

We are taking a break for the holidays to be with our families and to engage with our communities. Look for us on Facebook and Twitter. We thank you for your continued support and wish you a wonderful holiday season. 

November Happenings

38th Annual American Indian Film Festival 

Michael  will be Co-Hosting the awards ceremony with Tonanztin Carmelo on Sunday Nov. 10th 

for more information click HERE 

Michael is also nominated for best supporting actor in The Activist. Congrats! 


October Happenings 


Cankdeska Cikana Community College- Spirit Lake Dakota Nation 

Thank you CCCC for the photographs.


Eddie Spears on Talking Hell On Wheels (also available on itunes)


American Indian Initiative 


August Happenings 

We have joined instagram in a group collaboration. You are welcome to follow us if you use this social media service. We will still be sharing our best photos on FB and all photos on this website. Please remember that photos are copyrighted to SBF and cannot be taken and posted to other websites without consent. You may share our posts on FB and Twitter but please credit us with our photographs. We don't want to resort to using WhoSay or writing copyright across our photos. Thank you. 


July Happenings 

Winter in the Blood Montana Premiere at the Roxy Theatre               Montana Public Radio Interview 

Michael Spears and Chaske Spencer 

Chaske Spencer, Michael Spears and Lily Gladstone

Chaske Spencer, Tina Buckingham and Michael Spears


June Happenings 

SNAGFILMS.COM  Watch the SlaughterRule and other small independent films for free (I have not researched this you must log in with social media or email it is at your own risk please read the agreement) 

Please LIKE the Joseph Black Moon FB Page to show your support for Eddie Spears character on AMC's Hell On Wheels TV Series 

Joseph Black Moon 

May Happenings

On May 4 Eddie Spears will be the Keynote Motivational Speaker at Leadership Youth Conference in Utah.

April Happenings

The Activist Film

The Activist  Website 


In 1973, during the insurrection, Marvin and Bud, two Native American activists, are arrested and thrown in jail.
Anna, Marvin's wife, died in an accident several months before.
Marvin is devastated and Bud consoles his friend during this hard time.
In jail, they must face two officers monitoring their every move and join forces with a young lawyer assigned to their case.
Why does a Nixon representative visit them in jail? And a Senator? And a Hollywood star? What is Nixon's role?
What secret was Anna hiding before she died?
During the seventies, the world keeps spinning and tension arises in this simple jail in the middle of nowhere... 

The trailer can be found on the website. Make sure you have the latest free version of adobe flash  (if you don't understand what I am talking about visit website first and see if you have any trouble viewing the website first as you might already have it installed) 

copyrights belong to Media In Sync 

Michael Spears as Bud 'One Bull' Ward 


Montana State University Pow-wow 

Michael and Eddie will be attending the 38th Annual American Indian Council Pow-wow at Montana State University in Bozeman, MT. The guys plan on playing with their drum group Bear Canyon. 

Photos have been added to the appearances folder


National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum Awards Presenters....

April 19 & 20th in Oaklahoma City, OK  Western Heritage Awards


American Indian Initiative 

Michael is spending the first week of April in Colonial Williamsburg, Virginia working with the American Indian Initiative  If you are in or around the area we hope you check out the event. Dates and times are listed on the link posted above. Thank you to photographer Robert Hunter for the photo of Michael. 



There are changes all over the SBF website so please go exploring and please complete your member profile if you have not already.

Hope you have enjoyed the guys new pictures, they have been added to the photo galleries and yes there are more to come...

Michael and Eddie's  IMDB have been updated so please go check it out as the updates take effect.

February Happenings 

Michael and Eddie will be spending time with their family but...

wish you a Happy Valentines Day and hope you remember that you are NOT ALONE.


January Happenings

Planning began on The SBF Giving Tree we have added it to the SBF website. Michael and Eddie have choosen the first project. Currently we are finalizing the details and soon we will be presenting you with the opportunity to help plant a seed of education within the walls of the guys former school in South Dakota. We hope you will join us in this challenge to give youth a more empowered educuation. 

Photo Shoot took place...

                                                    results of that effort coming soon.


2012 News


December Happenings 


The story of the boy...                                                     and the beginning of SBF.

The story I am about to tell you is the truth but will be interpreted in many ways, I share this with you because I told you that I would one day tell you about the boy who led me onto the path to starting SBF and I hope you’ll understand what we are trying to accomplish.

It begins with blood, mine.

The boy was shocked and horrified that I was bleeding instead of him. When we entered the building the hats dipped and the boy kept giving me the look of disbelief. I knew that look. It was business as usual. Even the part when the system sent him back. The next time, he was hospitalized and when I found out he asked if I was around. I went, after making certain he would be safe. He was watching a movie where two guys were boxing and wanted me to watch with him uh, not my kind of movie but for bravery, sure. Then he just started talking, about me how he had heard about me from other kids like him, at the shelter, group homes and the like. Next, he focused on how he was going to be like the guy in the movie. “You want to be a boxer?” I asked. He laughed, “No, don’t you know who that is? It’s Eddie Spears!”

“Who is Eddie Spears?” I replied. The boy told me the guy riding a horse on the television screen in front of us came to his school in South Dakota where he lived before he moved to Michigan. How, Eddie said “Hi” sat down and talked to him for a few minutes on one of the worst days of his life. The boy went on to tell me he had felt so alone that day then Eddie came around until today and then here I was. “So, maybe you are not alone as you feel you are then?” I asked him. “Guess I’m not”, he replied. He then told me about a fan club he joined and upon further investigation I found out that person was not representing Eddie Spears so I set about creating a place where fans of Eddie Spears and his brother Michael could go to get information from the guy’s representatives. That was over 5 years ago….

We are hoping in 2013 you will join us in doing random acts of kindness for those struggling in the day to day of life.

It ends with a smile. 

Mine, yours, Michael’s, Eddie’s, someone’s we may never meet.

“It’s not how big the rock but how many ripples it makes”


Rex Sikes Movie Beat Chats with Eddie and Michael Spears 12/6/12

Listen to the interview (on Rex Sikes Movie Beat website) 

Or Press Play button on the audio player on the right to listen

Rex Sikes Movie beat chats w E
rex sikes (BlogTalkRadio.com)

Q and A with Michael and Eddie Spears


On Nov. 15, 2012 I had the opportunity to talk with Michael and Eddie via cell phone and ask them some of the questions you had posted on FB and Twitter. The guys were really busy and I thank them for taking time to let me interview them especially as they did not have power during most of our conversation. I compiled some of the questions that were repeated and while we did not get to all the questions that does not mean they won't be answered in the future. Thank you for your continued support of the Michael, Eddie and myself Elizabeth (aka SBF). 

Bonnie asks: Preserving one's native language is key to maintaining one's culture and traditions. I am wondering what both of them say to young people about keeping their native language and if they learned to speak Lakhotiya at home, in school, or both?

Michael, "Language is alive, it is the key to who we are. To know where you come from is to know where you are going. We learn language through home, prayer and traditional ceremonies."

Heather asks: What is the name of your favorite pet?

Michael, "We always had a pet dog growing up, I can't choose a favorite, I loved all of our dogs."

Bobbi asks: I would love to learn more about your language and culture, as well as other Nations, what is the best way to learn when someone doesn't live near any Native people?

Michael, "Learn from those who live it. I suggest John G. Neihardt book 'Black Elk Spears' it is one of my favorite books. (Elizabeth) can you find this internet link? Black Elk Speaks Quotes  (this is where I learn about the power being out because Michael has asked me to search online for the information. I also found this cliffnotes bio of the author.) Another author I feel represents Natives is Vine Deloria Jr. "

Monica asks: What about your culture makes you the most proud?

Michael, "That it exists and is preserved in a pure way. It is not used to wage war nor can it be bought." 

Deidre wants to know who is SBF? 

Michael, "That's you! Elizabeth (SBF) is a part of our team."

Stephanie asks: What has been your favorite film or tv project that you've worked on?

Michael, "Each film/project has it's own special place in my heart. I suppose I would say Guns Girls and Gambling becuase I worked with Eddie on it, we shared scenes and spent a lot of time together making that film." 

Tanith asks: Is there a part of the world outside the US/Canada you haven't been yet but would like to visit and why?

Michael, "New Zealand. I have friends there and I would like to experience their culture, food and environment."

Lyudmila asks: What for you is most important and valuable in your life? (Зачем Вы является самым важным и ценным в вашей жизни)

Michael, "My family and 'Lacol Wichohan', means my Lakota way of life."  (Моя семья и мой образ жизни Lakota)

Monica asks: This is important... exactly how long do you think you'd survive a zombie apocalypse? 

Eddie, "(laughs) Well, I guess I should start taking notes while I watch AMC's The Walking Dead and if it happens we'll find out."

Brandy Phelan wants to know when you coming back to visit? 

Eddie, "Congratulations to Randy Phelan and his family. We'll be back up North when we can" 

Laura asks: Do you prefer to cook or have someone cook for you? 

Eddie, "I love to cook! I like to cook for my friends and family. (I asked if he was cooking for thanksgiving)  I will be helping out at Thanksgiving." 

Limones asks: What is your favorite dessert?

Eddie, "I am not a big dessert eater. If I had to pick it would be pecan pie with ice cream"

Consuelo asks: Which actor/actress would you like to work with?

Eddie, "Johnny Depp and Anthony Hopkins are on the list. I am open to mainstream acting roles"

Sheryl asks: I know you go fishing a lot, when you catch a fish do you keep it or throw it back in? What's your favorite fish?

Eddie, "Depends if I'm going to eat fish or not. My favorite to catch and eat are walleye."

Claire asks: How would you describe your perfect day?

Eddie, "Hmm. I'd like more time on this but I think the important element would be being happy and enjoying life with family." 

Pepper asks: What is something you wish people knew about yourself that they may not know, without going too private?

Eddie, "I write poetry"

Michael, "Bear Canyon drum group with Eddie, your going to hear more on this soon"

Iman: What made you guys pursue acting? What were you're motivations that made acting as a career/part of your life?

Michael, "When I was in 'Dancing with Wolves' I was bitten by the bug. I enjoy being part of the production, looking through the characters eyes and the traveling."

Eddie, "The love of storytelling. Being able to walk many paths in life and seeing what's out in the world. Without getting political, creating awareness for what's going on environmentally in the world." 

Favorite Movies:

Both Michael and Eddie said they liked 

Eddie also likes gangster films like 

As for music... 

Michael enjoys classic rock and roll

Eddie listens to everything from hip hop to blues to country to pow wows. 

Michael mentioned two Native Artists that he enjoys; Young Bear and Midnight Express (video's below)


I hope you enjoyed this little Q and A. I plan to continue to connect you with the guys so I hope you've bookmarked this website or better yet joined as a member (I am working on integrating FB) because we are just getting started.....

This interview may not be used in part or whole by any website or in print by anyone without the express written consent of spearsbrothersfans. This website and the contents herein are link only.  Copyright 2012

November Happenings

Michael is finishing up with the American Indian Initiative 

Winter in the Blood is launching it's pr campaign so hopefully we will be seeing this movie soon. 

Article on Winter in the Blood from Los Angeles Book Review 

Eddie is hoping to visit schools and community events as a motivational speaker. For more information please go here

October Happenings 


White Shield Community Welcomes Eddie and Michael Spears

On October 17, 2012 Wednesday night at 7pm despite the cold and windy weather White Shield Community host brothers Michael & Eddie Spears Native American inspirational speakers live at the Ralph Wells memorial complex. The complex was packed out that night from kids, youth,community members and elders. The brothers talked about their struggles as being native american actors and life in general. They also encouraged the youth in White Shield to pursue their dreams in what ever they dream in life. The community honored the brothers with pendleton's and corn seeds for their loss of their father 3 months ago. The Native American movie actors is one of the most positive events we had here in a long time. Eddie is known for acting in Black Cloud a native american boxer. Michael is known for acting in Skins & Dancing with wolves otter the boy who got bucked of his horses. I'm looking at having more positive events like this in White Shield Community. First I would like to thank creator for making this possible. Also The community members who helped out cooked, Myrtle Goodleft for pitching in financially, White Shield Community board, White Shield Councilman Fred Fox, Kim White Bull of the Gifted & talented, White Shield school, Joe Morsette, Glen Yellowbird. Positive things coming to the White Shield Community. Aho! God Is Good! 

-Thank you Waylon waRux Good Left White Shield Development Corporation Board Chairman.

Guns, Girls and Gambling coming soon.... view the trailer 

CafePress Shop

Click here to visit the new shop. SBF receives 10% of the proceeds from sales to help pay for the cost occurred in maintaining all the SBF social media networks. Michael and Eddie know what SBF stands for and that you sporting the SBF logo means you support them! Please note that SBF is copyrighted and while I hope you enjoy the designs I welcome any fan submissions. [email protected] 

September Happenings

You can watch Eddie in Hell On Wheels on AMC Sunday nights (check local listings for times)

You can watch Eddie and Michael in Into The West on AMC Sunday nights (check local listings for times)

Eddie is now on Twitter!  FOLLOW

More news coming soon but first I want to ask if your ready to wear your SBF support proudly? SBF Store coming this Sept!

August Happenings

Eddie is finshing up his work on Season 2 of Hell On Wheels. For more info check out the new HOW fan page  

Michael's episode of Longmire airs Aug. 5 (Sunday) in US  check local listings for your airtimes. 

Michael is finishing up his work on the film Jesus in Cowboy Boots. Check out their FB page 

Yellow Rock will be released on DVD on Aug. 7   Amazon 

July Happenings

Eddie is continuing work on Season 2 of Hell On Wheels.

Michael is currently filming "Jesus in Cowboy Boots

June Happenings

Eddie is filming Season 2 of AMC's Hell on Wheels in Canada.

Michael is filming the role "Mika" in episode "Dogs, Horses, Indians" of A&E's show Longmire.

Members Page

To access the member page you need to sign in using your member name and password. We have some member news posted and I hope to get started on a project for both the guys from all of us at SBF. A chat room has also been created on the page as well if you wish to 'chat' with other fans. Hope you visit the page soon. Any questions contact the website admin  [email protected]


Members page, for all those who've created memberships on this fan site. We are going to be offering some contests, quizzes, SBF fan mail for the guys and more. 

Posters of Michael will be on sale soon... 

Look for more info this weekend!

Michael's May 2012 Schedule

Michael sang and drummed with the champion drum group Eagle Whistles at the San Bernardino POW WOW this past week end. 

Michael performed on stage in "Waaxe's Law" in Omaha NB the 10th of May 

Michael was on location shooting the "Activist" May 15-29th.

Legend Of Hell's Gate Release Date

The movie is being released on DVD on June 19, 2012  

Direct TV currently has it on demand, check with your local paid provider services to see if they have it on demand as well.  Currently available on Netflix instant viewing and on DVD.

Click HERE for more information.  


Michael Staged Reading in May 

Michael participated in a staged reading performance of Waaxe's Law on May 10th in Omaha, Nebraska

Please click HERE for more information. 

Congrat's to Michael and Eddie!

Michael and Eddie attended the National Cowboy and Western Heritage Awards 

Black Tie Banquet on April 21st 


Michael April 2012 Schedule

Michael Spears will be singing with his Drum group "Red Sand" at the Montana State University POW WOW  
 Michael Spears will be performing as a cast member April 14-20th for the theater productions of "So Far From Scioto" and "The War Party" at the
Colonial Williamsburg Foundation
Department of Public History 

New Interview (click photo for article)

chicks with guns

Eddies request to the fans.

Hi everyone. Happy New Year. The last episode of Hell On Wheels for season 1 is this Sunday. It would mean a lot to me if you all would watch it live. Let's see if we can make Sunday's episode the biggest viewer rating yet.

We're strongest together!

Eddie Spears 

Season Finale of AMC's Hell On Wheels


This Sunday marks the season finale of Hell On Wheels. I hope you join me in watching, I can't wait. I will be tweeting live  at  spearsbrosfans  I hope you join me. I will do my best to avoid tweeting any spoilers as I am in the East Coast time zone.  Hope to see you there. 

News from 2011

SpearsBrothersFans is on FB

    Check Out Our FB Page!       


AMC orders Season 2 of Hell On Wheels!

It's official Eddie will be back on our tv screens in season two of Hell On Wheels!

Congrats Eddie and the rest of the cast/crew of HOW.


Hell on Wheels  Sunday's on AMC!

Don't miss out on seeing Eddie on your television screens Sundays on AMC after The Walking Dead!

Eddie's Q&A 

 official site 


Congratulations Michael

On being honored with the Best Actor Award at the Red Nation Film Festival in LA, for your work in the film Yellow Rock. 

Photo's of the Film Festival Premier  

Eddie's Haircut.

I recieved some inquires as to Eddie's shorter hair. Eddie cut his hair for the AMC series Hell on Wheels. Which if you are watching the series you will see him cut his hair in an upcoming episode. Hell on Wheels airs Sunday after Walking Dead.

Why the Blog?

One of the greatest things I received after spending months with the fans (over 5 years ago) was meeting some wonderful people all across the world. It is something I thank Michael and Eddie for. But there is always a worry about trust. Can I trust this person to..... Hence the blog. I am a pretty private person but I want the fans to realize that I'm just a midwest girl with alot fight, love and honor in her. So the blog is little glimmer's into who I am. If you are interested, check it out and if your not interested then don't bother. On your member pages, please feel free to write a bit about yourself (though nothing too personal we don't want to locate you just give us a twitter version of you) and note that you can pass messages to each other. This is your little FB page on the fansite, but keep in mind that anyone can see it. I want you to enjoy your visit here, not only to check out the latest about the guys but to catch up with other fans. Thanks.

New Comment Section

I've added a comment page where all your messages for Eddie and Michael can be posted. I wanted to leave a few kind tips, based on prior posts that had to be removed. To start with don't put your address or phone number on your message, this is not a closed site and you just put your exact location on the internet! So for your safety please do not include information that helps people with bad intentions find you, as I am unable to monitor everyone who visits this site. Please do not criticize if you have nothing nice to write, then don't write anything at all. Nobody needs to see your negativity. I suggest you do not go on here and announce that you know or are friends with Eddie and or Michael because we all know that a true friend of theirs would not announce that they were. As far as I know there is no mailing address for fan mail but feel free to leave messages on here. To my knowledge they know this site exists but I cannot state if they ever visit this site. In all honesty for two years I forgot this site existed and I built it. Please understand my tips are out of concern for you, I am in no way trying to be rude. I have witnessed far too many of the horrible things people do to other people and your safety is my top concern. Once again, I am not Eddie or Michael Spears nor do I know them. But if you'd like to leave a message for them, I have provided the site page for you to do so.

Thank you

News from 2009

Message from the website owner 

I am so happy to see that some people are still coming back to this site. Thank you. And thank you for bringing some friends with you. 

I am working on updating the site so please bear with me. 

Spearsbrothers Drum Circle Video


Michael and Eddie singing and drumming on 8-31-08 at a powwow.

Michael (in a jersey) has his back to the camera, but it's definitely him, and Eddie is across the circle from him in the white shirt.

Thanks sammipunk for this link.

News from 2008

Comanche Moon

Here is the link for the CBS miniseries Comanche Moon airing Jan. 13th , 2008


CBS is also showing tv spot promos for the upcoming airing.


Here is the futon critic's latest news on Comanche Moon. (thank you Rean)



I assume since CBS is launching its new website soon that they will put something on about Comanche Moon sometime in Dec. 07

American Indian Film Institute

The 32nd Annual American Indian Film Festival in San Francisco, CA .

 Click on the link for more information.


Comanche Moon FYI Links

The list of links below are about Comanche Moon (CBS miniseries featuring Eddie Spears) while there are still conflicting air dates, hopefully once the Fall season is in swing CBS will update their website to include promotional material for the miniseries. www.cbs.com


A bit about the storyline can be found here  http://www.thefutoncritic.com/news.aspx?id=20060420cbs02


One of the few independent channel links that feature air times for the miniseries.  http://www.kirotv.com/programming/1946975/detail.html

News from 2007

Imprint Limited Release

Carmike Cinema's will be distributing Imprint, releasing the film on 17 screens in North Dakota, South Dakota, Montana, Wyoming, Nebraska and Colorado.  There is also an Imprint Premiere in Rapid City on Friday September 14th, and a second premiere is planned in Pine Ridge on Saturday September 15th (no clear indication if Michael Spears will be attending or not, but does mention that cast, crew will be at both):

Info can also be found at the Imprint official website - there are limited Premiere Passes available for the Friday premiere. Also - on the Imprint official website they mention that it will be showing at the following festivals: 

Tallgrass Film Festival, Wichita, KS - October 19-21 (http://www.tallgrassfilmfest.com/) - website isn't updated with schedule

International Cherokee Film Festival (ICFF), Tahlequah, Oklahoma - no dates supplied (http://www.internationalcherokeefilmfestival.com/2006/) - website not updated

Winnipeg Aboriginal Film Festival, Winnipeg, Manitoba - November 15-18  (http://www.aboriginalfilmfest.org/) - website not updated with 2007 schedule

Imprint is also scheduled for a screening at the South Dakota Film Festival (in Aberdeen), Session 3 - Saturday September 22nd 7:00 pm (no mention of who may be attending):

(Thank you Rebecca)

Imprint to Screen in AZ

Imprint is to screen in AZ this October. Click on the link for more information (Thanks again Rean)


Imprint to Screen in South Dakota

The Chris Eyre site is reporting that Imprint will be screened at the South Dakota Film Festival this September.

http://southdakotafilmfest.org/   (thanks Rean)

Bury My Heart At Wounded Knee

Interview with Adam Beach about the movie (he mentions Eddie Spears)
Thanks Mystere for this link
Some links to a photo from the premiere
Thanks to Mystere and Rean who both sent in this link
Thanks Rean
Some Links to articles about the film and Eddie
Thanks Rean.
Here is a link to an article that says Eddie Spears will be at the SD premiere of Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee, May 16 at Rapid City which will be an invitation only event.
Thanks goes to Rean for this link.

First Americans Film Awards

The link is to the photographs taken at the awards show.  Photos by Sam and Mark Minkler and courtesy of First Americans in the Arts.

Thanks to Mystere for this link. 


The link is a news report on the first americans film awards.  There is a brief clip of Michael and Eddie.  


Big thanks to Mystere for this link!


The below link is to the First Americans Film Awards Website


Eddie Spears Visits White Swan High School 2007

Click the link to see Eddie speaking at White Swan High School




Link to a article about Eddie Spears visit to White Swan High School in Washington.


Thank you Rean for sending us this link!

Into The West on YouTube

Currently you can click on the link to view an average ten minutes of Into The West.


At this time TNT is permitting it to be seen as it is not the complete miniseries and has promotional value 

I have linked to the beginning of the miniseries and please note the final two collections are not included in the online listing.

Use the 'related' link to the right of your youtube page to see the other videos in the limited collection.

For those unable to have viewed the miniseries or if you want to revisit it again, then it is definatly worth checking out.

Wind Energy at Nativevue.org

Click on the link to see a brief editorial on Wind Energy.


Photographs Disclaimer

All photographs within the photograph portfolio are being used without monetary gain and are submitted by fans, Michael and Eddie's Management team and uncopyrighted photo's. If you have any issues with any of the photographs displayed on this website please contact the webmaster. There is no intention on the webmasters part to infringe on someone elses work or violate copyright laws.