2013 The Activist 
Bud 'One Bill' Ward

2013 Angels in Stardust

2012 Winter in the Blood
Raymond Long Knife

2012 Longmire (TV series) 
– Dogs, Horses and Indians    
Mica Dullknife

2011 Yellow Rock
Broken Wing

2009 Shadowheart (video) 

2007 Imprint
Tom Greyhorse

2002 Skins
Teddy Yellow Lodge/Mr. Green Laces

1994 Lakota Woman: Siege at Wounded Knee (TV movie) 
Stat Man

1993 The Broken Chain (TV movie) 
Young Lohaheo

1992 The Broken Cord (TV movie) 
Adam, as a boy

1990 Dances with Wolves

Michael Spears

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Birthdate is December 28th.

Michael is an actor, who currently resides in Montana. He is of the Lakota Sioux Tribe. Michael has 5 brothers and 1 sister, including his brother Eddie. He is 6'2" and his skills include, expert horseman, boxing, Taw Kwon Do, singing, native drums, marksmen and archer.

He first gained recognition as an actor in Dances With Wolves, from there he appeared in Skins, TNT's miniseries Into The WestGuns, Girls & Gambling, Yellow Rock and Broken Wing. See complete filmography below. Michael has been honored with the APA Award for best subject matter in a film. Championship Lakota Traditional, Grass Dancing and Hand Drum Singer.  In Fall of 2011, the Red Nation Film Festival honored him with Best Actor for his role in the film Yellow Rock.  Michael travels nationally as a keynote speaker when he is not filming. He wishes for a global community, acceptance of other cultures and their beliefs. 

Michael's personal belief is to live each day well, it is a great ride. Always remember who you are and where you came from. Know where you want to go and acknowledge those that help get you there along the way. Respect your family and yourself. 


Interview 2012

Spearsbrothersfans recently had the opportunity to interview Michael Spears. We thank him for taking the time to answer some questions and hope you (the fans) enjoy our Q and A.

SBF; First off congrats to you on your best actor award at the Red Nation Film Festival.

Michael:Thank you.

SBF: Eddie is currently portryaing Joseph BlackMoon in Hell On Wheels, with a shorter head of hair, many fans have reacted to this change.  What was your reaction to his haricut?

Michael: WOW

SBF: You have mentioned before that one of your wishes is for a global community. How do you believe we can achieve this?

Michael: A global community is a goal that has many obstacles and brings new challenges daily. Through prayer and togetherness we will sucdeed!!

SBF: In today's society of being constantly bombarded by current events, how do you think we can maintain our history?

Michael: The history of the Lakota people has been and always will be passed down orally and through prayer. That is how we will maintain the integrity and keep the sacred tree of life blooming forever...

SBF: We look forward to seeing you in upcoming films, The Legend of Hell's Gate  and Guns, Girls and Gambling.  In the past you have talked about your singing. What are you currently working on?

Michael: I am currenlty traveling on the pow wow circuit. I enjoy singing and will never stop!!

SBF: Attending a pow wow for the first time can be intimidating, what direction would you five someone who wanted to attend a pow wow but had never been before?

Michael: A pow wow is an event that celebrates life and the making of new relatives and sharing traditions with family and friends. It is open to all people on this beautiful turtle island. Don't be afraid to experience a traditional pow wow. Good food, people and awesome singing and dancing!!

SBF: Just for fun, if you could be in a remake of a 'classic' film. Which would it be? And who would you portray?

Michael: I want to create new movies that will entertain and last forever..... the classics will have to remain classic!!!!